Product Description

The Quantum GT cellular concrete process combines a cement slurry (water and cement) with a foam solution that is manufactured using a specialized on site concrete batch plant. Quantum GT foam creates millions of tiny air cells. The GT foam keeps the cement particles and water in suspension around the micro cells until it hardens into the finished honeycomb, monolithic concrete substrate that is lightweight but remarkably strong and durable.

The Quantum GT foam concentrate is diluted 1 part GT foam concentrate to 40 parts water, and charged into a specialized foam-generating device, producing a stable aerosol air entrainment concrete additive. When the aerosol is introduced to the pre-proportioned cementitious mixture the process creates the Quantum GT cellular concrete.

See the Quantum GT Mix & Specification documentation here.


Quantum GT foam concentrate composition are derived from natural and renewable sources. Whenever possible Quantum selects these renewable resources over discounted commodity synthetic surfactants that are not known to occur as a natural product. The Quantum goal is to reduce the use of limited raw materials and focus on the harvest of renewable resources, helping prevent encroachment into fragile habitats and ecosystems.

Quick and Easy Placement

Quantum GT Low-Density Cellar Concrete is jobsite produced using reliable and user-friendly specialized batch plant equipment, providing materials of quality and accuracy while maintaining exceptional workability. Ready mix concrete truck installation offers rates of more than 100 cubic yards per hour.

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